Bennie Museum

A Museums & Art Galleries in Edinburgh and Lothians

Special exhibitions are mounted on a regular basis, covering subjects as diverse as the annual Newlands Day Procession, local anniversaries, and subjects of general interest, such as toys.
Admission is free and the museum is open almost every day of the year, 10am - 4pm (April to September) and 11am -3.30pm (October to March).

Bennie Museum

9-11 Mansefield Street
West Lothian
EH48 4HU
T none
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Edinburgh and Lothians

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland but is a third of the population of Glasgow. Perversely the city has no motorway access to the South and since the local transport links are excellent the city and surrounding area can easily be accessed without a car, arriving by train or plane. The highest concentration of Scotland's major attractions are found within the city and surrounding area - Edinburgh being the top tourist destination in Britain outside of London because its attractions are mostly concentrated in a central area. For the purposes of this guide, the city centre and East Lothian are listed seperately and the Lothians are defined as mainly the areas to the North, South and West of the city.