Special Interest: Heritage Site

  • Argyll

    In our opinion the most significant heritage site in Argyll is the considerable area around Kilmartin Glen, which is considered to have as interesting a collection of ancient archeological tombs, stone circles and other ancient cultural relics as can be found anywhere in Scotland. Other heritage sit...view more

  • Inverness-shire

    There are a couple of nice heritage sites in the area of Inverness-shire to the West of Inverness city: St Ignatious Well, The ruined Beauly Priory and The Corrimony Chambered Cairn...view more

  • Stirling

    There are a number of interesting heritage sites in Stirling mostly grouped around Stirling Castle and Stirling Old Town which date back to times when the castle was central to the court of Scottish royalty. They are all linked below....view more

  • Dumfriesshire

    The Heritage and Archeological sites identified by Private House Stays in Dumfriesshire are: Birrens Roman Fort, Burnswark Hillfort, Mote of Mark, Rispain Camp, Twelve apostles Stone circle, Kirkmadrine Stone, Laggangairn Standing Stones, Nith Bridge Cross-shaft and Robert the Bruces Cave. ...view more

  • Angus

    Angus is covered in ancient heritage and archeological sites particularly from the pictish era. In addition to the heritage or archeological sites linked below, Private House Stays recommends the following for your consideration: Finavon Doocot, Tealing Earth House, The Caterthuns, Ardestie &amp...view more

  • East Sutherland

    There are significant heritage sites that stretch all the way up the East coast of Scotland from Angus to Caithness. One of the more interesting categories of these are those related to the Picts, a mysterious people whose culture and language suddenly disappeared from Scotland. East Sutherland has ...view more

  • Arran

    Although we have not set up any links to specific archeological sites, Arran abounds with sites marked on the tourist maps which are much recommended to visit while out walking around the island. You will easily find pictish, Viking and early Chritian heritage sites, even if there is not too much in...view more

  • Caithness

    In addition to those linked below, Caithness has a number of Heritage sites worthy of your consideration: Port Na Con Souterrain, Hill O Many Stanes, Old Village of Badbea, Ousdale Broch, Rumster and The Three Follies at Auckengill....view more